KCA has provided condominium mapping services to a variety of clients in the Bay Area since the 1970's. This work includes some of the largest residential and mixed-use projects in the region, particularly in the City and County of San Francisco. KCA has been a leader in the integration of air-space parcel maps for multi-use condominium projects, thereby creating separate legal parcels for residential, commercial, hotel and office uses within the same project.

In new construction, KCA starts the condominium process at an early stage - creating a tentative subdivision map based on schematic or design development architectural drawings. In a mixed-use project, separate ownership interests are usually defined with an air-space parcel map. Tentative and final air-space parcel maps are prepared by KCA separately or in concert with condominium maps for each distinct use.

Some of KCA's more notable projects in San Francisco include 333 Bush, Filmore Center and, most recently, the Millennium/Four Seasons complex on Market Street. Many of our projects are smaller, however, including two and four unit condominium conversions. Although the mapping process for new construction and conversions is similar a conversion involves an the additional step of physically measuring the units.

Condominium projects, especially new construction, involve a concerted effort by a team composed of the owner, engineer, architect, attorney, homeowners association budget specialist, title company and City's Bureau of Street-Use and Mapping. KCA facilitates the exchanges between these parties and has maintained a positive and pro-active relationship with City map review staff.

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