KCA Engineers was founded by Carl E. Kirker, a Civil Engineer, in 1960. Between 1960 and 1964 he acquired the assets and records of several smaller San Francisco survey firms. KCA now has better documents andmaps for some areas of the City than the City has. In 1964, William E. Chapman, the City Engineer for Daly City, joined the firm forming Kirker, Chapman and Associates, later known as KCA Engineers. Over the years, as Mr. Kirker and Mr. Chapman retired, various employees acquired shares in the company. The shareholders are also the officers.  

KCA Engineers prides itself on its ability to undertake large projects with its small but very dedicated staff. Long term projects like the Silverado Development in Napa (25 years); Mission Bay development in San Francisco (19 years); City of Hercules as City Planners and City Engineer (15 years); Town of Moraga as City Engineer (24 years) are just a sampling. Many of our smaller projects are for developers who might do a project only once every three years, but they will call us because of the stability of our staff. Most of our personnel have been with us for ten years or more.

KCA Engineers has been established as a leading engineering corporation in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our team of fifteen professionals and support personnel enables us to assign the appropriate person to each project. A policy of this office is that every project receives the personal attention of a principal of the firm. This results in each project gaining from our experience in land development, redevelopment, civil engineering design, surveying, and planning. Our philosophy is to give a client full value, on time.

KCA Engineers staff has a wide range of experience, with various persons specializing in such disciplines as: hydraulics and hydrology, land development infrastructure design, public works capital improvements design, and assessment district financing. Our experience results in technically correct, well designed, and value engineering analyzed projects that are complete and prepared on time.

Our survey department is staffed by surveyors who are members of the Operating Engineers and who have expertise in grading and infrastructure construction surveying, pre-design and topographic surveys, boundary surveys and high-rise construction control. Our surveyors are also certified to work on HAZMAT sites.

Our scope of projects has been varied which has created a balance of in-house disciplines. Our work has included small projects such as local street and utility design, parking lot design and also major projects such as multi-million dollar land development and major street and pipeline improvement projects.

A significant segment of our work is for public agencies. We act as City Engineers, Engineers of Work, and District Engineers for various public bodies in the Bay Area. In addition, we have undertaken design for the Navy, Coast Guard, Corps of Engineers, the National Park Service and the State of California Department of Corrections.

The personal attention and expertise of our personnel results in the development of effective design concepts, the execution of projects within specified time constraints and within budget. This personal attention assures the client that their project is receiving the benefit of the total experience of the firm.

Key Personnel

Peter J. Bekey - Principal Owner & Supervising Design Engineer 

(California RCE Lic. No. 14786) 

Mr. Bekey has over 40 years of experience in general civil engineering and land surveying. He, in addition to his extensive experience on private development projects in the Bay Area, has also had long-term roles as consulting City Engineer for Hercules, CA and the Town of Moraga, CA.

Kenneth J.Litle - Project Manager and Design Engineer 

(California RCE Lic. No. 39230 and also licensed in Colorado and Hawaii) 

Mr. Litle is an experienced designer and project manager who has had significant involvement in our Mission Bay, Chiron and University of California, San Francisco Medical Center projects. His engineering specialty is hydrology and hydraulics and the design of complex urban utility systems.

Fred DeJarlais - Planner and Project Manager

Mr. DeJarlais has supervised during the past 23 years KCA’s involvement in planning and engineering activities for the Mission Bay project, and a diverse series of land development, public works, and condominium projects.  His experience processing projects in a multi-jurisdictional arena has made such cities and governmental agencies as Daly City, Brisbane and San Francisco, the County of San Mateo, Bay Conservation & Development Commission, The State Lands Commission, the U.S. Corps of Engineers, the Navy,  and the U.S. Coast Guard KCA clients.

Ken Barton - Surveyor Coordinator and CAD Designer

Mr. Barton has over the past 30 years prepared private and public improvement projects, which include the Promenade at the Shriners Hospital site,  The Century and 52 story condominium complex, parking facilities at San Francisco International Airport.  He has brought clarity and style to CAD generated production and presentation drawings.

Erik Scheller- Project Manager and Design Engineer

(California RCE Lic. No. 58638)

Mr. Scheller is an experienced civil engineer whose responsibilities over the past 12 years include management and coordination of design projects including their facilitation through appropriate agencies. As a Peace Corp volunteer he worked for two years as a water and sanitation engineer in Ghana, West Africa. Some of his work for KCA includes tentative maps and civil engineering portions of the improvement plans for Mission Bay, the site grading, drainage and utility plans for Seismic Replacement Building #1 at the University of California at Berkeley, and the hydraulic calculations, site grading and drainage plans and storm water protection plan for the Union City Glass Recycling Center.

Rich Bekey - Construction Inspector

Mr. Bekey is a member of Local 3 Operating Engineers Surveyor. He has experience in a vast range of municipal engineering projects with special emphasis on street repair programs particularly in the cities of Foster City, Hercules and Moraga.

Jason Harrison - Survey Party Chief

Mr. Harrison is a member of Local 3 Operating Engineers. He has over 14 years of experience in land measurement, grading, topographic surveying, construction surveying, and ALTA surveying.

Remaining staff


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